As far as we knew, Alexa and SEO had to go hand in hand to conquer Google but, at this point, we are not few SEO experts who agree that Alexa is an overrated tool when analyzing the SEO potential of a Web page. Are we right?

“Generate traffic and get a good Web positioning in Internet search engines such as Google.” These have been some of the promises, and many times legends, that Alexa brought with it since creation and its release to the market.

But this approach was forgotten because there are some more effective tools for these tasks and that allow to execute and analyze more effectively the digital marketing campaigns and the scope of the implemented SEO . So why keep focusing on Alexa? Really matters?

What is the Alexa ranking?

Alexa is a software made up of a set of tools that allow you to know the traffic of your website , the topics that are trending on the Internet , the keywords ( keywords ) of the moment, how is the performance of the website , in short; With it you can obtain a statistical analysis of important variables when it comes to achieving the much desired Web positioning in Google .

Alexa Rank is a rank that classifies the popularity of your website based on data obtained during the last three months.

Alexa was released several years ago (in 1996) and was presented as a toolbar with which it was possible to evaluate the amount of views and visitors who came to a Web page. In a nutshell, the Alexa ranking is a range that classifies the popularity of your website based on data obtained during the last three months.

How does Alexa rank work and measure?

The Alexa range works because of the data that the tool extracts from its own database , from various extensions that are installed in the browser and from other websites that provide the information.

Alexa develops its ranking based on its own data, navigation data of users who have the Alexa extension in the browser and other websites that provide the information.

In the Alexa ranking, achieving ‘number one’ means achieving the maximum value of this ranking ; that is, because it has managed to make its website the most popular, the most visited, the one with the highest traffic worldwide, etc.

Such classification results from combining the average number of visitors that the Web page has per day with the estimate of all the visits that the Web site achieved during the last three months; To place a web page at a certain ranking value, Alexa compares these results with those sites that, to everyone’s knowledge, have already been tagged with # 1. This way you get so coveted value!


How can I see the ranking of a web page in Alexa?

It is not necessary to install the Alexa widget or its extension in your browser to know the range of a certain Web page, there is still a simpler method.

Let’s gossip a little and see what position our website occupies and that of our competition! What we must do is go to the official Alexa page and when you are there you type in the search engine the address of the Web page that interests you; You will notice that Alexa will give you the global rank of that Web page and the rank it occupies with respect to your country. In addition, it will provide you with other interesting statistics.

You can try it, nobody will find out! 🙂

What is the main problem with the Alexa rank?

So far everything seems favorable and simple, but yes; There is a problem with the Alexa ranking and its data collection systems are not as global as they claim ; Most SEO experts have been questioning the accuracy of the data that Alexa reflects since, despite many efforts, the tool does not have access to all the global data of the billions of users who access the internet.

The problem with the Alexa ranking is that its data collection systems are not as global as it claims; Leave out relevant user samples and do not choose them randomly.

Put clearly, although Alexa bases its ranking on a global analysis of daily visits and visitors that receives a certain Web page, it is not possible that its analysis is really global, but we know that, involuntarily, it excludes a part Nothing despicable of users.

Having access to millions of data does not mean it is enough .

A good statistical study should not leave out any relevant sample and should choose it randomly . Does this Alexa? I’m afraid not! Their ranges are considered, then, an approximation.

Fortunately, Google knows this and offers us some tools that are more accurate and efficient than Alexa in this. Bravo Google!


Why are people tending not to trust Alexa Rank?

The lack of confidence in the Alexa ranking is due to the fact that today we already have other softwares that allow us to accurately measure the traffic of the website , are able to generate accurate reports on everything related to the website analyzed and, to Surprise of many, this information does not match the famous ranking of the Alexa ranking .

Google Search Console or Google Analytics have been more effective than Alexa; The results obtained in these two Google tools are different, and much, compared to those thrown by the Alexa ranking. How can we trust then?

Precise tools such as Google Search Console or Google Analytics, which accurately measure web traffic, offer results that do not match the data indicated by Alexa Rank at all.

Despite the above, it is worth using Alexa to know the Web traffic of sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or any similar site, of which we know that they do not need more presentation because they enjoy an optimal Web positioning , we all know them and are ranked # 1 in the Alexa ranking.

However, you may ask yourself: What happens to those of us who are not some of those popular websites? We are already close to 2 billion web pages worldwide! How to compete between so many pages? How to achieve the desired visibility on Google?

Obviously we cannot use Alexa to measure the traffic on a Web page that is barely being known in your local environment, but it is necessary to evaluate it, and that leads us to use software other than Alexa, otherwise we would only base our strategies on Digital marketing only in approximations.

So does Alexa rank really matter?

Basically, no . The Alexa ranking seems to go well with popular websites, whatever they generate millions of daily visits to your website. There are many other more important things that we have to deal with. Don’t lose sleep for Alexa! When you generate potential traffic to your website and get users to talk about you, visit you and invite others, then you’ll know you’re doing well even if you don’t even seem to be on the Alexa Rank map.

Conquer and position your website on top of Google!

Without trap or cardboard; We develop realistic web positioning (SEO) campaigns on Google and other search engines, with our feet on the ground, true to the profile of your company and with results that give results.

Let’s talk about your SEO!

Does the Alexa rank impact SEO at all?

Not at all! It would be very naive to say that Google is guided by the Alexa ranking to define the positioning of a Web page in its list of results, when this giant is the one who has been directing and changing the way SEO experts structure each website and how This is perceived by the user.

Google has put at our disposal a series of fabulous tools to analyze Web pages and their SEO in real time, considering their own database, which is enviable and unmatched, because after all it is the largest search engine in the world!

Alexa and SEO? An insignificant relationship

Google seems to have everything under control without Alexa’s help! To believe that we need an Alexa metric to achieve the positioning of a Web in Google would be to assume a backward stance in the face of the interesting and promising challenges facing digital marketing today, and much of this is thanks to the advances from Google .

How to improve your position in the Alexa ranking?

Improving Alexa and its metric system! No, it is not sarcasm. Give it a complete database! Improve your access to global data volumes! Ask Google for help! 🙂

These would be possible solutions, since its efficiency and precision must be improved. The fact is that it is unnecessary to continue thinking about improving the Alexa ranking at this level.

You might think that improving your linkbuilding strategy will help you scale up with Alexa, or that researching keywords in a different way should be the right answer; You can keep thinking many of these things, but don’t complicate your life .

All this and much, much more you can achieve without having to resort to Alexa. Let’s leave Alexa alone with her voice control system! Better take your sleep off how Google perceives your digital marketing strategy and if you are working with the right SEO professionals.

Become Visible! Start climbing positions on Google!

Do you want your potential customers to find you, before your competition, when they search for your products or services on Google or other Internet search engines?


Definitely, the relationship between Alexa and SEO is not considered transcendental; not having a favorable position in the Alexa ranking does not mean that the website is working in the wrong way, since we have already said that this software is not very accurate for the pages of mere mortals.

Now, you can use Alexa to have estimates about your competition, perform SEO audits and have a reference on trends on the Internet and how users move through it. But without a doubt you should use the other existing tools to have an efficient statistical analysis that reveals how your Web page is going and allows you to evaluate the generated traffic, its potential and the executed digital marketing campaigns.

You can achieve what you expect without the Alexa ranking! All up to you.

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